Hi there!

Well, even though it's supposedly still winter, it sure feels like spring in Boise these days. After last year's SNOWMAGEDDON, it seems like we're living in the climate Twilight Zone.  Maybe Mother Nature got confused and mistook our neck of the woods for somewhere like Santa Barbara, California? Bisbee, Arizona? I'm probably exaggerating, but this winter has been unlike any other we've ever seen in Idaho. Makes us a little nervous to think about water and wildfire issues this summer, but all we can do at this point is enjoy the mild temps, break out those short sleeved shirts and go for a hike in our beautiful Boise Foothills.  

In our growing zone (Zone 7), the first day to safely plant outside is May 8th. HOWEVER...it seems like it's never going to frost again—and it's only early February.  Today's low was 37 degrees, and it's a whopping 60 degrees as I write this. Yikes. You can see how hard it is to control myself from starting seeds too early. 

My plan this month is to focus on other tasks around the farm. We just had the greenhouse moved back about 30 feet to make room for the shop that will be started just as soon as plans are approved. Maybe in two weeks? Fingers crossed. I've got plans to add even more growing beds to the ones we already have to make room for the dahlias, sweet peas, snapdragons and sunflowers.  The seeds are all ready and the succession planting plan is all mapped out. Potting soil—check. Grow lights—check. Roux, our farm poodle, is faithfully patrolling for mice, and making sure the chickens stay in their coop as to eliminate the possibility of rodent or poultry crop damage. 

I'm super excited to establish the farm as Boise's newest organic specialty cut flower urban farm. Boise is such a special place in the world and being able to be a part of the community in this way is a lifelong dream of mine. I can't wait to learn more about the 41 varieties of flowers we'll be growing, harvesting and offering to our customers.  I look forward to developing relationships with our local nonprofit partners who do so much to bring hope, love and support to women in need. Thanks for checking out the first blog I've ever written in my whole life! And hey, please come back every now and then to see what's been happening with our Dream. See you around.  —Sarah