I'm a tried and true Idaho girl with farm work in my blood. Raised on a rural farm, I grew up growing plants, fruits, and vegetables, as well as small and large livestock. I moved to Boise and raised my family here. I love digging in the dirt and getting sweaty and tired from working outdoors. I didn't stand a chance against my farming kismet, and I'm happy to bring my husband and dog along for the ride!



As the most lovely assistant to the Head Farmer Sarah, I'm the lead destroyer of weeds, self-appointed harvest king, expert pepper roaster, cold outdoor shower enthusiast, straw bale loader, chicken tender, compost turner, irrigation master, and supporter of dreams and lover of cosmos. I stand no chance when up against my beloved Sarah’s kismet. 



I'm a keen observer of chickens, obsessive fan of squirrels, climber of compost piles and chaser of mice, portable security system, and semi-professional flower model (#instapoodle). Even though I'm a super-intelligent standard poodle I don't care about or really understand kismet.