From Lonely Pasture to Bustling Flower Farm

It’s hard to believe that Dream Farm Flowers was once just a lonely horse pasture crammed with scrubby trees, weeds, and rocks. After lots of creative planning, heaps of organic soil, and more than few sweaty summer days and sore backs, that pasture has transformed into a beautiful French-inspired kitchen garden. It's full of homegrown fruits, flowers, and veggies, punctuated by the cluck-cluck of laying chickens, with everything shared and eaten on our little farm.

Hidden away on Hawthorne Street in the Collister neighborhood, our Dream Farm even gained a reputation through word-of-mouth as one of Boise’s most wondrous gardens, showcased in the 2016 Idaho Botanical Gardens' Private Garden Tour. Today, Dream Farm Flowers is a small, bustling, family run, urban flower farm that specializes in unique breeds of organically grown, heirloom flowers.


Sustainable, Slow-Grown Flowers

Dream Farm practices sustainable, environmentally responsible farming techniques including crop rotation, biological pest control, and the use of organic fertilizers to ensure our flowers are safe for you and the environment.

We support the Slow Flowers Movement, where healthy flowers that dazzle the senses are enjoyed in the regions they are grown. Joining the Slow Flowers movement, means your purchases stimulate our local economy, reduce environmental impact, preserve dwindling farmland, and forge a stronger sense of community. Oh, and you also get to bring original, eye-popping flower bouquets into your life that are sure to dazzle your family and friends.